Privacy Policy

The Nelson Minor Hockey Association(NMHA) believes in respecting everyone’s right to confidentiality. NMHA collects personal information from prospective members, members, coaches, referees, managers and volunteers for the purposes of conducting Hockey Programming. Information specific to a player such as a player’s name, address and date of birth are collected to determine that the player’s geographical, division of play and level of play information are consistent with WKMHA regulations. At no time are lists generated for the purpose of marketing, or the sale of information. Team Officials must comply with the NMHA Privacy Policy. Team lists and phone numbers are not to be shared with anyone outside of NMHA and specifically may not be distributed to outside agencies, companies, associations or individuals. Use of photos on this site are provided by coaches and NMHA Executive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the NMHA Privacy Policy or the use and distribution of personal information, please contact the Tournament Director, at: