Manager Outline

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1. Qualifications for Coaches, Trainers and Managers
2. Team Rosters
3. Jersey Distribution and Collection
4. Medical Forms and Player/Parent Contracts
5. League Play
6. Re-Scheduling of League Games
7. Exhibition Games
8. Tournaments
9. Costs
10. Ice Bookings


1. Qualifications for Coaches, Trainers and Managers

  • All team managers, coaches, assistant coaches and team trainers must have Respect in Sport RIS (online course), criminal record check ( code: UD6N9Y6TJY) and concussion awareness training tool (CATT) before they can participate in any on ice practice.
  • All Carded Team Coaches must have all qualifications by December 1st. All other coaches and team officials must have their qualifications by December 15th. Clinics available on the BC Hockey website.
  • The team trainer (safety person) will need HSCP Certification (Online Course):
  • Nelson Minor Hockey will pay any fees after completion of courses. Please submit a receipt for the course taken to your Division Director for reimbursement.


2. Team Rosters

  • You will be given your team’s jerseys. Record each player number and fill out a WK roster form, available here
  • You should receive a form from your Division Director or the Registrar as well. WK rosters need to be submitted to the WK Statistician and Governor before you play a league game. Send your completed roster to your Division Director and they will forward to the Registrar and Governor.
  • When NMHA Registrar updates rosters, she will return to division directors for distribution to team managers.
  • Team Managers must send any changes on roster to the WK Statistician and Governor, NMHA Registrar and division directors.
  • NMHA Registrar will provide you with a copy of your Hockey Canada Register, or known as your HCR, once your roster has been approved by Hockey Canada.
  • Keep a copy of your HCR in your manager binder, as you will need to provide a copy when registering for any tournaments. Only players listed on your HCR are able to play in league and ex games.
  • If you have Approved Players (AP’s) from the division below assigned to your team, please ensure they are also listed on your HCR.
  • Please ensure if a player is listed as a goalie and also plays out, that they are listed as both a player and a goalie on your HCR. Players listed as goalie only cannot play as a line player in any league or ex game.
  • Only players and bench staff listed on the HCR are allowed in the bench area.


3. Jersey Distribution and Collection

  • Jerseys are handed out at the beginning of each season, by the Manager or Coach.
  • Please record all jersey numbers that you receive, by each color, prior to distribution, and note any missing numbers.
  • When jerseys are handed out to players, please record the numbers handed out to players on a WK roster sheet.
  • It is the responsibility of each player/parent to ensure jerseys are kept clean and undamaged during the season. Please note that jerseys should not be put in the dryer, as that can shrink and damage the crests.
  • Please let parents know what name bars, if used, must be sewn on to the jerseys by hand, not by machine. Machine attached bars are difficult to remove and can damage the jerseys.
  • Jerseys MUST be returned at the end of the season. Managers should ensure all jerseys are clean, and name bars, C and A crests are removed.
  • If jerseys are not returned, parents will be invoiced for the cost of the replacement.
  • Jerseys need to be returned to the NMHA Equipment Manager at the end of each season, on hangars, in the jersey bag provided at the beginning of the season. Please ask your parents to return the hangars if they were given out at the start of the season.


4. Medical Forms and Player/Parent Contracts

  • Each player must fill out the medical forms and players and parents must sign the player/ parent contract and return to the manager. Available at
  • The Hockey Canada Insurance Program provides supplemental assistance to BC Hockey members for injuries incurred during hockey sanctioned activities.
  • to cover that event. The purpose of sanctioning a special event is to extend Hockey Canada Insurance Program coverage such as Major Medical / Dental Coverage to activities that do not fall under regular hockey programming. Special Event Sanctions are for usage of events such as dry land training, fundraisers, and other activities outside of regular hockey programming.


5. League Play

Game Format
Team managers should know the game format for their division.

  • Rule Book
  • Best practice is to print out a copy of the rules and have them available in a binder for each game. As manager, please read and familiarize yourself with the league rules.
  • Home league games - The Referee Scheduler pre-arranges for on-ice officials and the NMHA Scheduler will schedule ice.
  • 5050 sales to make money for your team. Schedule parents to look after the volunteer roles - score sheet, time clock and 5050
  • A Gaming Licence is necessary for selling 5050, your Division Director will do this, confirm that it has been done
  • Hosting Team: responsible for supplying a WKMHA approved score sheet. See divisional director for a supply of score sheets. Fill out the necessary game information and your home team roster. Have your coach sign the sheet and give to the visiting team to record their roster and sign.
  • Manager also needs to arrange to have parent volunteers run the clock and be the scorekeeper for each home game. Training to run the clock and filling out scoresheets is available. * Please contact your division director to arrange training for parents. Some teams schedule parents at the beginning of each season for all home games. It is the responsibility of every parent to volunteer for these shifts so this job does not fall on the same person/people all the time. This is in addition to any volunteering that is required during your division tournament.

NMHA will provide each team with pre-stamped envelopes for distribution of the game sheets to the WK officials. List of WKMHA officials found here:

You must submit your game sheets within 24 hours of each home game to your Division Governor and statistician. Best practice is to take a photo or scan the sheet and email it immediately. You must mail the paper copies as well asap, within 7 days of the game being played. Distribution as follows:

  • Original league game sheet to WKMHA Statistician. Email as scanned document
  • 2nd page email as scanned document to WKMHA Division Governor
  • 3rd copy to Visiting Team immediately following game
  • 4th copy Home Team manager or coach

Minimum Suspension Guidelines: (BC Hockey Bulletin 2018-034)

BC Hockey instituted Minimum Suspension Guidelines for certain penalties that result in game or gross misconducts. These are in addition to the penalties already in place pertaining to game misconducts. Team Managers are required to immediately notify their Division Director and West Kootenay Division Governor in the event that game or gross misconducts occur during game play, as additional sanctions may apply to the player that are time sensitive.

Immediately following the game in which the infraction occurred, scan or take a photo of the scoresheet, and email to your Division Director, Division Governor and West Kootenay President wkpres[at]

Please note that accumulated sanctions will apply if players are repeat offenders, and coaches will receive sanctions and game suspensions as well for certain penalties.

Please ensure you read, and are aware of the penalties involved, and the additional sanctions which are placed on players and coaches. Please ensure your coaches are aware as well.

Full details and how they apply are available here:


6. Re-Scheduling of League Games

Read Regulation 4 (articles 2200/2210/2211/2212) 2018_wkmha_rulebook_final.pdfase

  • In the event that it becomes necessary for a team to reschedule a game, the representative of that team shall advise the West Kootenay Division Governor the full details in writing at least one (1) week prior to the game that is being rescheduled. In the case of an emergency, the West Kootenay Division Governor or President must be notified by phone at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the game that is being rescheduled. Others to be notified include Referee-in-Chief, Division Statistician & both associations involved in the rescheduling. This form must be completed:

  • Prior to completing this form, it is the responsibility of the team requesting the change to contact the other team, and the ice scheduler of the hosting association to ensure that the change can be made. Teams are responsible for playing all scheduled league games. If the scheduled game cannot be re-scheduled or played, the requesting team will forfeit the game and receive a loss in the standings of 30.

  • Please note there are fines associated with non-compliance to this rule, and fines are the responsibility of the team.

  • All scheduled or re-scheduled league games must be completed one week prior to playoffs.


7. Exhibition Games

Scheduling and cost for ice and on-ice officials are the responsibility of the team. The home team is responsible for scheduling ice through your Division Director or the NDCC ice scheduler and on-ice officials through NMHA’s Referee in Chief. Both of these contacts are available on the NMHA site under Inside NMHA and the Executive link.

8. Tournaments

  • Teams are responsible in registering your team in a tournament and the number of tournaments should be discussed with coaches and parents.
  • Teams are responsible for collecting money from parents for tournament. If left too late, the tournaments may be full. Payment for tournaments is usually required at the time of registration, you can contact your Division Director to get a cheque for the tournament fee and reimburse NMHA once you have collected from parents.
  • Tournaments are listed at


9. Costs

  • Tournament (as above).
  • Socks (budget $25 per pair for matching NMHA team socks) available to purchase from your division director. Other socks are available to order from Mallards Source for Sports 250-352-3200
  • Name bars if required by the team/parents (budget $8-$15 per name bar depending on #’s ordered) available to order from Van Hellemonde Sport 250-354-4888
  • You can open a bank account for your team’s finances. Finances should be made available, to the Division Director and your team, upon request. You should keep a record on an excel or a Google spreadsheet of money collected and paid out for your team. If you need assistance setting this up, please contact Susan Lakeman, Secretary NMHA at secretary[at]] for help.


10. Ice Booking:

  • All ice bookings, for Exhibition games or extra ice, must be booked through your Division Director, NOT directly through the NMHA Ice Scheduler.
  • All cancellation of ice or practices must be given 4 days (96 hours) in advance or NMHA will be charged for the ice which will be billed to the team.

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Download/Print NMHA Manager Outline DOCX

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